Nicole Pina

I have had my astrological chart read and delineated by a few other astrologers and my reading with Holly Miller far exceeded my expectations for depth, accuracy, and intimate knowledge. She has the ability to “hit the nail on the head” with events, feelings, and circumstances I am currently experiencing or that have already come to pass. Holly can also put events and emotions into perspective based on planetary motions and she has helped me cope better within the turbulence of life. It is clear by how thoroughly Holly examined aspects of my chart that she has dedicated herself to the complex and fascinating science of karmic astrology.

I am most impressed by and drawn to the style and delivery of a reading with Holly. She does not just present you the information, but gives you the tools to grow into your most authentic and powerful self. After a reading with Holly, I feel more empowered and inspired to draw upon my natural strengths, passions, and abilities and to face my personal challenges in this lifetime with a greater amount of understanding of and faith in myself.

Holly is both an astrologer and a supportive ally and I felt even more clear and strong on my spiritual path after our session.

Nicole Pina- Northern California, USA

Nicole PinaNorthern California
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