Michelle Reimers

I knew I had found my Astrology Reader when I met Holly. I have had all kinds of readings throughout my life and I am also a reader in a different subject. I know good readings from both the receiving and giving ends and Holly is simply amazing at this work. Although she is legally blind and has only partial sight, her inner vision is 20/20!

She confirmed numerous aspects of my personality and periods in my life right off the bat and trust was established at extraordinary speed because she comes from her heart. She knocked it out of the ball park about the energy that was going to be at play in my life and how best to handle myself in the up coming weeks. Because of Holly’s willingness to share with me what was going on, I was a better version of me during some of the darkest hours of my life. I handled myself better than I ever would have expected and I am ever so grateful for her guidance. Knowing what was at play from the perspective of my own individual life map helped me draw out gifts and talents I had never used before with such amazing grace.

Holly was grounded and sure footed throughout our session as a true master and outstanding teacher would be. She didn’t move too fast or use words I didn’t understand which was so nice. She took a complex subject and made it easy to remember after the session and USE in my ordinary life. She was so kind, down to earth and a real human being, never talking above me but TO ME. Although our session was over the phone it was like she was holding my hand and we were simply walking side by side through the aspects of my chart. It was an extraordinary experience. Holly didn’t shy away from challenging subjects. She framed the information in a way that was very easy for me to swallow, digest and grow from. She showed me potentials that were within my reach, areas seeking Light in my life ready to be utilized. It was so refreshing to be validated and then coached in this great work that is my life by this wise woman.

I respect her and her astrological readings deeply and highly recommend experiencing Holly’s Astrology Readings for yourself. It is an honor to know she is here to support me whenever the path gets foggy and help me read the signs. I am so happy and thankful for her willingness to share her gift with me and so many others helping us all to expand from where we stand, right here, right now.

Michelle Reimers
Advanced Akashic Record Reader and Certified Akashic Record Teacher , Los Angeles
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