I had a reading by Holly Miller that was the most comprehensive one I have ever had.

Holly took the time to carefully analyze my Astrological Chart.She was on target with all of the influences that have been guiding me this past year. She shared with me the upcoming planetary changes and how I can best work with them.

She not only evaluated my Chart but tied in Tarot and Numerology as well. I found it so interesting to see how the three arts tied in to one another so well and provided the same Road Map for me to follow.

I have put into place what she advised and feel positive energy associated with my new understanding of the influences in my life.

I am really looking forward to two specific dates in December that she said will bring positive energy into my life.

Not only is Holly very accurate with her work, she provides the theory behind what she has interpreted.

I feel indebted to her for her sincere caring and interest in me and the guidance she provide me.

With love,

MarilynSouthern California
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