Katherine Ake

Consultation date: September 13, 2013

It has been 3 days since my consultation with Holly.

I feel more clarity and strength in the direction of my future life and a better understanding of past and current circumstances that brought me to this point.

Holly utilizes information found in the birth chart, information of past experiences and potential of future work to be done.

She is such a refreshing wealth of information and draws from so many sources. She knows how to make sense of how things are entwined in our lives.

And I love her story telling and use of analogy.

I’ve been able to incorporate the homework Holly suggested for me and it is now part of my daily routine.

I am able to reflect on my thoughts and feelings in new ways and pull strength and understanding to myself in positive ways.
All in all, a very positive, supportive and nurturing experience.

Katherine Ake, Colorado

Katherine AkeColorado
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