D. Johnson

Dear Holly,

I just want to thank you so much for your help. Running into you was by far an accident but I am so happy I met you. You are so intelligent and genuine. I will forever hold a special place for you in my heart and life. What I love most about what you do, is how you let me know first that you are not a psychic, however you are just reading how the planets aligned on the day I was born. I was ignorant to the whole astrology readings until you asked me to do my research first; and I must say I am very happy you asked me to do that first.

The things we discussed really help me discover who I am and just some confirmation on things I second guessed. I honestly would suggest this to anyone who is confused on life or just wants to know some very interesting things about yourself. Holly, you really are a blessing in a disguise and I just cannot thank you enough for listening to me and helping me discover who I knew I was meant to be. What speaks the most to me is the quote on your site and which is now on my bathroom mirror: “You cannot heal what you do not acknowledge”. I hope you continue to keep doing what you do. You are a special person!

Love Always,

The Little Girl Who Found Herself. (Self-Love)

D. JohnsonOklahoma CityOklahoma
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