Holly H. Miller, Venus Ray Astrology, 2013

Astrology is a beautiful symbolic language that has been used by mankind since the earliest of recorded history for illumination and guidance.  Much like our many human languages, astrological systems vary among cultures.  Historically most cultures developed their own unique systems for interpreting cosmic and seasonal patterns, and their corresponding earthly events.  They recorded their findings and observed for re-emerging and repeating themes, patterns, qualities, and events.  Some people, most all of whom have never studied the subject, would say astrology is mere superstition.  To these folks I would like to quote Albert Einstein (who was no dummy):  “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”  The recording of these observable patterns between celestial movements and their corresponding terrestrial events gives astrology empirical value.

The Chaldeans, Egyptians, Hebrews, Persians, Chinese, Eastern Indians, Mayans, Aztecs, Celtics, Germanics, American Indians and all indigenous people to name a few have used astrology to inform them about their lives and their world. While the methodologies of the various astrology systems differed, the goals and results were very much the same.

Last year an amazing, traveling exhibit featuring the artifacts and belongings of Cleopatra visited California Science Center in Los Angeles.  I waited with great anticipation to visit the exhibition.  While there I was in awe at seeing the ancient artifacts showing the Egyptian astrological system featured in the exhibit.  As a tropical western astrologer I was unfamiliar with those particular hieroglyphics and symbols but I was moved by its beauty and age.  I thought to myself  “wow, I must be in the second oldest profession in the world.”  It was obvious the important role astrology played in the life of Cleopatra and these ancient people.

The importance of astrology in ancient times was also demonstrated by the fact that astrology was included in the “Seven Liberal Arts of Antiquity”  (Musica, Geometria, Arithmetica, Astronomia/ Astrologia, Dialectica, Grammatica, Rhetorica)  in modern English terms (Music, Geometry, Arithmetic, Astronomy/Astrology, Logic, Grammar, Persuasion)

Astronomy and Astrology were regarded as one body of science until a split occurred in the 17th century western world.

I am fascinated by the many applications of astrology; medical, mundane, predictive, Vedic, stock market, financial, etc., It is my belief the most meaningful and purposeful application of astrology is to use it to deepen the understanding of our own nature.  To bring greater clarity and reconciliation to our often conflicting drives and desires and to come to acknowledge and accept both the “good and bad”, “light and shadow” qualities that exist within all of us.  Astrology is a powerful tool and map for accessing a deeper self-knowledge as in the ancient Egyptian axiom “know thyself”.

By more fully knowing and understanding our unique gifts, hidden talents, and untapped potential we can begin to become aware of how we can use and expand these qualities to make a greater contribution to our personal lives, our relationships, our work, our community and our world.

Conversely, by becoming more fully aware of our less desirable qualities, beliefs and behaviors, these potential roadblocks and challenges can help us navigate our life and emotions with more precision and free will, to arrive at our goal or target.

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