Your Astrology Consultation and What to Expect ?

Most importantly, anything and everything we discuss is completely confidential.

All consultations are conducted over the phone and upon request will be digitally recorded and a link will be emailed to you to download the recording. Re-listening to a session can be very beneficial.

Astrology consultation choices include,

  1. Your natal chart analysis and interpretation. This is a  precise map of  the planetary positions at the exact time of your birth.  This is both a map of your psyche and your  life script describing your life’s purpose, challenges, and gifts.  (1 hour, $120)
  2. Current transits to your natal chart and your current secondary progression analysis and interpretation. This is where we analyze and discuss current and upcoming cycles. (1 hour, $120)
  3. Choose to purchase your natal interpretation and your current transit and secondary progression at the same time and save $20. (two separate one hour appointments, $220)
  4. Astrological counseling/life coaching (requires having a previous natal chart analysis and interpretation). (1 hour, $75)

Fees are inclusive of not only our time spent together on the phone but the time spent preparing,  calculating, and analyzing your chart(s) prior to our  consultation appointment.

Our session will be conducted over the phone at the appointed time.

I accept payment through PayPal (which also allows for credit card payments). Click the link below to make payment, but please also call to schedule your appointment. (714-584-3535).

What I will need from you!

Birth Date:

Birth Time: (It is optimal to use the exact time of birth from a reliable source such as birth certificate.)

Birth Place:

You can contact me by phone at 714-584-3535. All calls go to voice mail so please leave a message and say your telephone number slowly and clearly two times and I will phone you back within 24 hours.

Astrology Consultations