Astrology Reading – How to Make the Most of the Full Moon in Leo

Each month, or lunar cycle, the Moon can be seen in it’s full phase. This occurs when the earth is positioned directly between the Sun and the Moon, giving an unobstructed view of the moon while it is 180 degrees apart from the Sun. In Astrology this is called opposition.

The Impact of the Moon

The Moon, or Luna as she is often called, exerts a known and observable effect on the ocean’s tides.  We are made up mostly of salt water, or saline, so it is no wonder that in astrology the moon symbolizes the emotional aspects of humans. When the moon is full emotions run high. Police officers and emergency room personnel often bear witness to the correlation of heightened activity three days before, three days after, and the day  of the full moon.  After all, the root word of “lunacy” is Luna. This month’s full moon will be positioned at 26 degrees Leo on February 14th.  This month’s astrology reading call for action comes primarily between February 11th and 17th.

Focus on Leo

As the Moon enters it’s full phase in Leo in mid February, this would be a good time to consciously use the increased energy by directing it into all things Leo. What do we mean by “all things Leo”?

First we refer to creativity. Creativity is anything artistic such as painting, writing, acting, cooking and music. These are activities you should look to engage in during this phase. Even our children and all things we can creatively birth into this world should be a focus at this time. Any, and all things you can enjoy in the name of having good fun are creative endeavors. Loving a lover, playing games, puzzles or sports should be enjoyed while the Full Moon is in Leo.

Leo also represents feelings of pride and self-esteem, rather than shame. This full moon in Leo is a great time to engage in behaviors that we can be proud of. This could include being warmhearted and kind to people we come in contact with, like the clerk at the supermarket, the server at the restaurant, or  others we encounter in our daily activities. Validating others for their unique and special qualities has a boomerang effect. It feels good.

Leo is also associated with children. Spend time with your kids, or with other children you may know, and encourage their creativity, play, and sense of self-esteem. This is a great way to flow with the energy of this Leo Full Moon.

Let the lunar light shine through all the many ways you can be creative and warmhearted during this time.

If you would like an astrology reading, or to learn more about the impact of the Moon and the planets on your well-being, contact  me for a consultation.

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