New Moon – New Moon in Pisces – Feb 2014

The New Moon is coming and so it’s a time of new beginnings! This month’s new moon will be stationed at 10 degrees Pisces at 11:59 pm PST on Friday, February 28th.  The moon in Pisces forms a 6o degree aspect (sextile) with pluto in Capricorn, and it also forms a 30 degree aspect (semi-sextile) with Uranus in Aries. At this time, a 120 degree aspect (trine) is formed with Jupiter in Cancer.

New Moon Positioning
The new moon is in Pisces – the astrological sign of  Pisces represents compassion, all inclusive love, experiencing transcendent states through prayer, meditation, contemplation, yoga, or any activities where we attempt to merge with the Devine.  Pisces is about serving the less fortunate through volunteering in hospitals, prisons, or anywhere people are suffering.

This New Moon in Pisces signals a time to focus on spiritual transcendence, connecting to God, the Divine, and all that is compassionate and agape.  This is a good time for planting seeds or writing down your goals and wishes – anything you desire to bring to fruition in your life.

This month’s New Moon is also a great time to release any rescuer, victim, escapist, or addictive tendencies we may have that could result in our personal self-undoing.

Final Thoughts on This New Moon
During this moon phase we should look to face reality without becoming cynical. Go with the flow and surrender to those things we cannot change and begin changing those things that we can. It’s easy to get caught up in our very human, mundane material existence here on earth. This New Moon in Pisces is a great time to remember, as Sting so eloquently put it, “We are spirits in the material world.” Time to look to the higher meaning of our lives.

FYI: A Bit About the Word Moon
As the lunar cycle takes approximately one month, it got me to wondering about the word “month”. The word sounds a bit like moon, so after some research I found this interesting information about the word’s origin. The word month is derived from the Latin word “mensis”.

Prior to the Gregorian reform, the calendar month was exactly one moon cycle. A woman’s menstrual cycle (28 days) runs very close to the cycle of the moon cycle of 29 ½ days. It all ties together as the Latin word “mensis” for moon is also the root of the word “menstruation”.  The calendar, or measure of one “month’s” time changed in 1582, however, when Pope Gregory instituted the solar Gregorian calendar.

Peace Profound,
Holly Miller

If you’d like to learn about New Moons or have an astrological reading, please contact me and we can begin the journey.

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Astrology Reading – How to Make the Most of the Full Moon in Leo

Each month, or lunar cycle, the Moon can be seen in it’s full phase. This occurs when the earth is positioned directly between the Sun and the Moon, giving an unobstructed view of the moon while it is 180 degrees apart from the Sun. In Astrology this is called opposition.

The Impact of the Moon

The Moon, or Luna as she is often called, exerts a known and observable effect on the ocean’s tides.  We are made up mostly of salt water, or saline, so it is no wonder that in astrology the moon symbolizes the emotional aspects of humans. When the moon is full emotions run high. Police officers and emergency room personnel often bear witness to the correlation of heightened activity three days before, three days after, and the day  of the full moon.  After all, the root word of “lunacy” is Luna. This month’s full moon will be positioned at 26 degrees Leo on February 14th.  This month’s astrology reading call for action comes primarily between February 11th and 17th.

Focus on Leo

As the Moon enters it’s full phase in Leo in mid February, this would be a good time to consciously use the increased energy by directing it into all things Leo. What do we mean by “all things Leo”?

First we refer to creativity. Creativity is anything artistic such as painting, writing, acting, cooking and music. These are activities you should look to engage in during this phase. Even our children and all things we can creatively birth into this world should be a focus at this time. Any, and all things you can enjoy in the name of having good fun are creative endeavors. Loving a lover, playing games, puzzles or sports should be enjoyed while the Full Moon is in Leo.

Leo also represents feelings of pride and self-esteem, rather than shame. This full moon in Leo is a great time to engage in behaviors that we can be proud of. This could include being warmhearted and kind to people we come in contact with, like the clerk at the supermarket, the server at the restaurant, or  others we encounter in our daily activities. Validating others for their unique and special qualities has a boomerang effect. It feels good.

Leo is also associated with children. Spend time with your kids, or with other children you may know, and encourage their creativity, play, and sense of self-esteem. This is a great way to flow with the energy of this Leo Full Moon.

Let the lunar light shine through all the many ways you can be creative and warmhearted during this time.

If you would like an astrology reading, or to learn more about the impact of the Moon and the planets on your well-being, contact  me for a consultation.

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Astrology Insights- New Moon in Capricorn

The zodiacal astrology sign that the new moon occupies each month gives us insight into the specific areas of life we can focus on improving. This month’s new moon occurs on January 1, 2014 and is stationed at 10° Capricorn.  The new moon marks the beginning of each monthly moon cycle and is a perfect time for contemplating and solidifying our personal goals and wishes by writing them by hand on paper, the “old-school” way.   Capricorn is the sign symbolizing our goals, our ambitions, and our ability to successfully form plans and strategies so we may more effectively meet our objectives.   Capricorn is the sign of discipline, focus, limits, dedication, and the achievement of goals.

This New Year’s new moon is in Capricorn, I ask myself,

ü  “ What are the necessary steps I can implement so to reach my aims in the personal, financial, health, relationship, spiritual, career, educational and domestic areas of my life,”   

ü  “Are there places in my life I could benefit from exercising more discipline?” Eating, exercise, and study come to mind for me.  

 What are the areas in your life could you be governing and managing your life in a way that better aligns with where you want to be?  For me,  writing my goals down on paper takes them from just being thoughts that float around the mental plane, i.e. my head, into the physical material plane, down to earth, so I can see, feel, and hear them as I read them and speak them.  Writing our goals is like physically planting seeds in our gardens—choosing and naming what we want to plant—tending to their growth with our attention and nurturing so we may in time, enjoy the bounty of their harvest. 

 Goals and sample affirmations for new moon in Capricorn.

1.      I can and will exercise my maturity and authority by taking the steps necessary to achieve my goal of ___________________.

2.      I choose to limit my _______________ to ___ times per week.

3.      I choose to set healthy, fluid boundaries in my relationship with ________________ (person),  (write out what you want the relationship to look like and what you can do to get there).

4.      I choose to become more successful in _________________ area of life by doing ____________   ___ times per week.       (This one works well in multiple areas of life, career, health, relationship, spiritual life, domestic/home life, learning, communication, financial, etc.)

 I find it’s best to keep goals reasonable and reachable, rewriting and re-reading them often keeps me better focused and assists in their attainment. 

 What has worked for you?




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Holly H. Miller, Venus Ray Astrology, 2013

Astrology is a beautiful symbolic language that has been used by mankind since the earliest of recorded history for illumination and guidance.  Much like our many human languages, astrological systems vary among cultures.  Historically most cultures developed their own unique systems for interpreting cosmic and seasonal patterns, and their corresponding earthly events.  They recorded their findings and observed for re-emerging and repeating themes, patterns, qualities, and events.  Some people, most all of whom have never studied the subject, would say astrology is mere superstition.  To these folks I would like to quote Albert Einstein (who was no dummy):  “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”  The recording of these observable patterns between celestial movements and their corresponding terrestrial events gives astrology empirical value.

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